Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Other thoughts of overcast...

Deeply overcast and raining, the weather outside provides a nice backdrop to suicidal thoughts. No need to call the hotline, just yet. I wouldn’t actually do it. I don’t own a firearm. It’s not as beautiful as throwing oneself off a bridge on to a bed or rocks lining the ocean—the sea taking me out and washing away my sins. It isn’t as horrific as an overdose, where vomit is sure to be involved—the body desperately trying to rid itself of the toxins. But by firearm is really the only way I’d go.

I’m home today, per The Wife’s orders. That ensuing cough I’ve evaded has made itself unavoidable. I can’t talk much and the throat, well, it feels like I’ve tried swallowing sand paper all night. I’ve missed too much school this year and it makes me feel unprofessional and worthless.

The day will provide a perfect opportunity to nap with the cats, start a new novel and watch a movie, or two. I'll focus on that...

Other thoughts of overcast:

I’m pleased the writer strike has ended. I’m so tired of the crap on TV. I don’t watch much television, but damn, it’s been bad. Thank goodness for PBS. I watched a pretty amazing documentary last night on the Mormon faith. Interestingly enough, NPR had just discussed how Romney’s run had upset many Mormons.

It seems, the candidacy again underlined the discrimination and hate many have for the faith—a sentiment they had thought had subsided in recent years. A woman spoke of the threats she received when campaigning for Romney. I guess that's what you get when you're in a cult, huh.

I kid, I kid.

They seem like a kind and peaceful people. They are very family oriented and dedicated. Still, I have read pretty horrifying stories of the LDS trying to “cure” homosexuality. This of course doesn’t sit well with me. But I’m not seeing them as all bad. Their temples look sweet. I’d love to hang there on the weekends.

Ah gee, it’s nap time.

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