Sunday, November 23, 2008


And today there were tears.

It felt good to finally let it go, let it out, let them fall. My baby being gone knocked me into a bit of depression that I really didn't think related directly to the loss. But these tears were for the little one.

They were not all tears of sadness.

The Lord needed my child in heaven, for whatever reason, now. I'm happy this one was a chosen one, one that can watch over and do good work now.

Still, the what could have been on Earth saddens me.

I know this baby will watch over its younger brother or sister, when he or she makes it here. I know that one day we'll all be united and perhaps laugh and play together.

I loved my unborn child before I even knew it was growing inside my wife. And I still love that child, though our eyes never met.

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Amy said...

This is a lovely post - so honest and heartfelt in sharing your pain and your thoughts on your loss.

I'm very, very sorry you and your wife have had to experience the awful loss of your unborn child. It's a pain not everyone can understand and not one I would wish on anyone. It has, however, made me appreciate my daughter all the much more for her presence in my life now and I'm sure you will feel the same when that little brother or sister finally comes along


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