Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jay-lo booty...

Not only is Joe-cat bringing sexy back...Joe-cat has also gone green.
In other Joe-cat news... When I got home Friday, he was freaking. The windows left open (a positive of global warming?), allowed the breeze to blow our bedroom door shut (not so positive). I knew that Fat-Frank must be trapped inside. Concerned that she was away from her cat food all day, unable to feed her Jay-lo booty, I headed straight to the door.

That's strange?

It seems that not only is Joe-cat devilishly handsome and environmentally conscious, he's also a good big brother to his sister, Fat-Frank. He had brought cat chow from the kitchen kitty bowl and used his cotton toes to shovel food under the door to Miss Frank. He practically saved her life, people.

I was impressed. Fat-Frank was overwhelmingly grateful. Though I'm sure he enjoyed the extra cat treats, Joe-Cat was humble and shy.
"I just did want any decent cat would have done."

Don't tell Joey I blogged about him.

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they are beautiful cats.


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