Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That fat ass...

I think that Humpty Dumpty was framed.

No. No. Here me out…

He did not really fall off the wall. That fat ass was pushed.
Folks didn’t feel that an egg-head like Mr. Dumpty should possess such fame, money, and respect. Some wise guy decided he’d teach Mr. Dumpty, by making him look like an idiot… making it seem as though he fell not once, but twice!

Unjust. Unforgivable.

Mr. Dumpty got not only bad media coverable and a terrible reputation for being stupid and clumsy, but in further investigation, also received many hospital bills that his insurance would not cover due to his own, “ignorant negligence.”
I’m positive, while little kids sing the Humpty Dumpty Rhyme, Mr. Dumpty is sitting in a mental institution attempting to crack his shell and fry himself for breakfast. His one hope, to one day be an Egg McMuffin.

I’m not lovin’ it!

It is my opinion that Congress should hire Ken Starr to investigate. Clearly, there was a cover-up that followed when all the King’s men “tried” to put Mr. Dumpty back together again.

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