Friday, May 30, 2008

E'fin rock...

Wouldn't it be nice if when you lost your wallet and received new and shiny replacement credit cards in the mail... that they came with zero balances.

That would e'fin rock!

It would take the sting out of losing your wallet.

It would also help forgive the slug that found/ kept your wallet-- you know, the dude that's walking around, posing as you.

He'd be the one with the old-maxed-out credit cards.

And you'd be the one with shiny-no-balance credit cards.

You could buy that flat plasma screen TV that's been calling your name, afford cable, and replace the timing belt on your 2001 Ford Focus (because its time).

You probably wouldn't be bitter about your little teacher salary, hating the ones who changed their major in college from Education to business, web design, accounting... or simply dropped out to sell tile.


You could stand at random gas pumps filling up economy cars with two kid saftey seats in the back, while spiting on the Hummers filling up.

I hate Hummers. I hate Hummers with "Support Bush" stickers even more. More than those, I hate Hummers that have "Support The Troops" stickers.

I also hate that I've been too busy to blog the last few days and now I'm going to have to catch up.

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