Monday, May 12, 2008

kind'a fun...

I was going through some boxes in my classroom today (still haven't totally unpacked from moving in and now I might be moving out). I found some interesting things- including my last editorial as editor of my high school newspaper. I sort of liked what I had to say:

It’s over.

After two-years as your Editor-and-Chief, it’s time to put this baby to bed. Everything is ready for print— everything except this editorial page. As I sit in the Publications Room, I ponder why I’m here once again at 2 AM. It’s not the first time.


Inevitably after each release, I’m bombarded with gripes. You don’t like the layout. You were misquoted. You found a typo. You weren’t in this issue. Teachers. The Principal. Even the school board. You all complained.

Why? Why? Why?

I wish that I had some journalistic philosophy why I, and the staff, fight each month to publish this beast. Mostly, I wish I had some last impacting senior philosophy to give as I head for the exit.

I’m still left with, why? It's 2 A.M.!

The answer-- avoidance. This paper and this school have offered me avoidance to the realities outside the brick and mortar. I’ve hacked away here to make a difference, because it was safer than trying to change the outside world.

As my last editorial dwindles to an end, I see my efforts were futile. I’ve made no lasting impression on you, the reader. Rather, I see it’s come time to make an impression on my own life. The brick and mason of WYHS, though good to me, is no longer going to hold me. No. It’s not over.

It’s just the beginning.

Cheesy, I know. But it captures my high school years. Kind'a fun?

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