Friday, April 11, 2008

100 things about me...

Here are fifty things about me…
  1. My dad wasn’t present the day I was born because he got hot on the way to the hospital and wanted to take a swim in the ocean.
  2. I know this because my mom still brings it up and, and they’ve been divorced for over ten-years.
  3. I have a degree in Inner Disciplinary Studies with an elementary education endorsement.
  4. I have two label makers- one for my classroom and one for home.
  5. I have a collection of Garfield collector plates that I adore.
  6. I smoked pot for the first time my senior year of high school because when my friends lit up, it reminded me of happy memories of riding around in the car with my parents during my youth.
  7. My first car accident took place the day I got my first car.
  8. I wasn’t high at the time.
  9. My favorite pet growing up was my mutt-dog named, Midget.
  10. She died on my twentieth birthday.
  11. When I graduated from high school, I didn’t think it was a big deal because I thought everyone should do it.
  12. The Rush Chair of a fraternity told me they wanted me to pledge because I had a really high GPA.
  13. The only reason I pledged was because someone said I wouldn’t.
  14. I think that my frat-boy days were some of the best days of my life, because it helped me "lighten up."
  15. I really like the color black.
  16. I am a pretty reserved person.
  17. I once got kicked out of a fraternity bar, because I was stripping on a table while pouring beer down my chest for a bunch of girls.
  18. After complaining that a table was too sticky and dirty, I licked beer off of it.
  19. I like beer.
  20. I was very afraid of balloons as a child, because the loud noise when they popped scared me.
  21. I really don't like balloons now, but it's because they're not good for the environment.
  22. Autumn is my favorite season, because I like sweaters and football marching bands.
  23. I played the trumpet in my high school marching band.
  24. I still do, but I’m not good anymore.
  25. I love things clean, and do it often.
  26. I think a girl smoking is the biggest turn off.
  27. I never locked my door when I lived in my college dorm.
  28. On more than a few occasions, I’d come into my college dorm to find a drunk chick waiting, naked, in my bed.
  29. I always dressed them and made them coffee, because I’m a nice guy.
  30. I think the three new Star Wars movies are overrated, but I still love them because they’re Star Wars.
  31. I chew my fingernails incessantly.
  32. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the fourth-grade and really couldn’t read until then.
  33. The following year I was labeled, Gifted and Talented.
  34. Now that’s what I teach.
  35. I’d rather teach “regular” kids.
  36. One of my favorite movies is Billie Elliot because deep down, I want to dance.
  37. In Junior High I always had a line of girls wanting to dance with me, because I was the only white guy that would dance.
  38. All the black kids would chant, “Dance white-boy, dance white-boy, dance." I would!!!
  39. I’m really into gay rights, because people teased me relentlessly as a kid.
  40. They thought I was gay.
  41. For a time I thought maybe they knew something that I didn’t.
  42. I knew the truth, and soon came to realize that people are just mean.
  43. As a child, I collected the paper place mats from restaurants.
  44. I cried all the way home when my mom took me to see An American Tail as a child.
  45. I was a very sensitive kid and cried at a lot of things.
  46. I rarely cry as an adult, but when I do it;s hysterical and uncontrollable.
  47. Then I start to laugh, and then I cry again.
  48. The last time I cried was in my car after my student’s funeral.
  49. I always hated cats.
  50. Marriage changes everything.
  51. I now have two cats now and love them to death.
  52. The first tape I owned as a kid was Michael Jackson’s, Thriller.
  53. I even had a zipper jacket.
  54. I use to have a six-pack, because I use to swim a mile almost every day.
  55. I’m the only person that I know that gained weight during cancer treatment.
  56. I’ve never lost my cancer weight and feel that until I do, I’ll never be cured from cancer.
  57. I don’t like using contractions when I write.
  58. When I was in eighth grade I had my wallet stolen from a cross-dresser during a field trip to Washington DC.
  59. I was raised a Methodist.
  60. I believe in God, but question organized religion.
  61. I love to organize.
  62. I believe George W. Bush isn’t the complete dumb-ass most think he is, but I believe that he is slime.
  63. I voted for him the first time.
  64. I use to honestly think that I’d marry Debbie Gibson.
  65. I have broken every one of the 10 Commandments, except for the no killing thing.
  66. I was certain that someone would kill me before I turned twenty-one, which is why I planned to loose my virginity at sixteen, get married at eighteen, and have three good years with Debbie before I was killed.
  67. I was going to take Debbie’s last name because I thought my own sounded funny with, Debbie.
  68. My freshman year of college I was on six different drugs for anxiety, depression, and compulsion.
  69. I’m not on any of those drugs any more, and I’ve only had one anxiety attack in seven-years.
  70. I love afternoon naps.
  71. I have never watched an episode of Law & Order.
  72. I never sleep nude because as a child, my grandma told me that God would watch over me while I slept.
  73. The first time I tried to complete this, I stopped here because my friend wanted to know if I wanted to drink some beer.
  74. The seocnd-time I tried to complete this, I did, but it was all lost because my Internet dropped.
  75. I should really start to back-up my stuff.
  76. I love movies, and I'm not picky.
  77. I love books.
  78. I've been called a book snob, and I think it's a complement.
  79. I dated the same girl pretty much throughout high school.
  80. I first saw her carrying a gong across a stage during a band concert and I told all my friends she'd be mine.
  81. She was a junior in high school and I was an eighth grader.
  82. We started dating the next year.
  83. I said the same thing about my future wife when I met her freshman year of college.
  84. I was still with the gong-girl.
  85. I consider myself a feminist.
  86. I started blogging because of this girl.
  87. She's my best-friend and I consider her family.
  88. I'm not always the greatest friend, but I try.
  89. I'm not good at not being able to fix or help someone.
  90. Most of my closest friends have been female.
  91. I'm alright with that.
  92. I'm not alright with snakes.
  93. I shut off, which I think is typical of men.
  94. I'm not what you'd call a typical man.
  95. I drive a Ford Focus.
  96. I want to get my PhD in educational policy.
  97. I also want a weimaraner, and name her, Smith.
  98. I like to, "drop it like it's hot," when "it's getting cold in here."
  99. I might need a support group for NPR addicts.
  100. This was a pain in the ass.

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Tyais said...

very interesting ....1, 34, 44, 52, 62 & 64 stand out to me the most.
You should consider reading "a New Earth" I am 60 pages in and definitely worth the read. This post relates.


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