Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's safer...

I've been sitting here trying not to think about how my mom hasn't called to tell me she made it safely home on her flight. She was to arrive at 7:00, but you know how the airlines work these days...

I have no expectations after this trip. It's safer that way, for me.

Still, you'd think rules of common courtesy would apply. A person buys you a ticket for a vacation and you don't spend a dime during your visit, so you call when you arrive home to give a quick, "I'm home safe." Maybe a, "Thank You."

But it's safer not to have expectations.

Even if she does call, it's safer. I'll keep her at a distance, because if I've learned nothing else from her visit, it's that though I have changed, she has not. And all that has been revealed cannot be summed up so simply. I have much to think about.

Without expectations, because it's safer...

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