Monday, April 14, 2008

I am good because of that...

"I think Mr. Sortofblog is a nice man. He cheered me up and I felt good and I think you shuld to. I like him very much he is my best friend and I like him. He has teach me what I want to know and I can play and have fun. I learned how to learn and have fun at the same time. He did that for me and for us. I like you because you show me what I can do and I am good because of that. You and I can be friends forever but not unles I die. These are my wishes I know you respect them. We will be friends forever even if we dont talk and see each other a lot. I will always tresher are relashenship and will always try to be my best. Mr. Sortofblog I now say goddbye and you made a diferns in my hart. Your going to be the best teacher. I hope your mine again." --Cody, First Grader

I found this today in my classroom while sorting through some papers. It was written to me when I was a student teaching my freshman year of college (1997).

I am blessed to be in a profession where I can touch lives.

I wish that more teachers took that positions seriously.

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