Friday, February 29, 2008

The river can be wild...

Life isn't always a raft ride on the lazy river. There are rapids. And sometimes we're throw from our foundation. Out of that raft and into the water.


The river can be wild. We freak, gasp and reach. We'll grab for anything-- something that offers us familiarity. A sense of strength, and a hope for stability and safety.

A bolder.

Yet the answers to life's obstacles aren't always those familiar, strong, hopeful things. No. Stability can be our demise. The stream beating us against the strength of a great rock.

Let go.

Having faith that the rapids will once again fade to calm waters is difficult in the haze of affliction. Few of us ever let go.

I'm trying.

2 Babble-Backs:

ty said...

St Pauly? Do you have ugly days, or is tht a female thing? Who's free as bird in the pic? Random man or you? Nice to see you flicked off the bad day.

Maybe you have already been through the rapids and don't appreciate the beating they give, even if you feel faith in the calm that follows. It hard to talk yourself into that wild ride, to get out of your comfort zone, ya know?

ty said...

St. Pauli? I was asking if you wanted a St. Pauli beer. You said you could go for a beer, when I referred to myself as being attemt at being witty!


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